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Our services aim to:


Our environmental services aim to protect and restore natural areas, reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss and promote sustainability. We encourage a greater appreciation and understanding of our natural and cultural heritage.

We help our community build resilience to the effects of climate change.

How our services can help you:


Our clients have a range of world views and values. We pride ourselves on our ability to find common ground, and to then deliver cost effective, science-based, environmental solutions.

We can save your organisation money. It's much cheaper to protect and enhance our natural capital now than to restore degraded ecosystems later. 

We can help you understand and comply with environmental regulations to avoid costly liabilities or legal action.

We can help you meet your corporate social and environmental responsibility goals.  

Our clients benefit from drawing on our experience and knowledge. With our on ground works services, we have learned experience from implementing many projects over the past 25 years, we've made mistakes and made sure we learnt from them. We'll openly pass on what has worked….. and let you know what didn’t. This saves you money and time. 


Why choose Natural State?


Price - we believe our services are competitively priced: allow us to provide another quote for a comparison. Support local jobs and contribute towards building local capacity to deliver environmental solutions.

Convenience - deal with just one business. We can integrate many of our services to deliver your project, for example planning and implementation. We collaborate with our clients to develop project specific strategies that work.   


Results - we'll work with you to ensure that we deliver high quality outcomes. We are passionate about providing services that actually make a difference. We are not interested in greenwashing, the results should be obvious - we believe actions always speak louder than words.  

We won’t recommend something unless we have tried it ourselves or can provide existing research to support our claims.

We're motivated, enthusiastic, open minded and willing to collaborate and share knowledge. We think beyond best practice management.


Our commitment to safety and the environment


We take great pride in monitoring & reducing our ecological footprint at home and through our business activities, please view the current Natural State Sustainability Report 2019.

We have developed Workplace Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems. We are committed to, and able to prove compliance with, the regulatory requirements of government agencies, construction companies and mining companies.

Safe work practices are highly valued at Natural State. We utilise a range of technologies to stay safe, including GPS trackers, radios and communications plans. We are experienced in working in remote areas, and are willing to work interstate.

View the Natural State WHS Policy and Natural State Environmental Policy.


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