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Native landscaping provides habitat and food resources for local wildlife


We design and landscape gardens and outdoor living areas which are calming, beneficial for your health and well-being, and aesthetically pleasing.


Once we confirm the project brief and consider a range of possibilities, we’ll help you visualise the potential of your site. We’ll take into consideration many factors such as plant heights, shapes, flower/foliage colours and fragrance, aspect, soil type, the available budget and the ongoing management requirements. 


We often include indigenous and Australian Native plants to encourage local biodiversity and to provide wildlife habitat or food. We have designed and landscaped gardens featuring local wildflowers, bushfoods, butterfly and bird attracting plants and frog ponds,.These gardens can also be used as a teaching resource for schools, community gardens, or even in workplaces.


Our landscaping service is not restricted to only using native plants, not at all, however we prefer to use species that do not have the potential to become environmental weeds. We also promote the use of Water Wise Gardens which are low in water consumption. 


All plants are individually sourced for your project to ensure the biggest, healthiest and best possible plants are used.


Bushtucker and wildflower garden to raise awareness of our cultural and natural heritage
Several schools and community gardens in SA 


Since 1999, Matt has been involved in creating educational gardens which aim to build an appreciation and understanding of our rich and unique natural and cultural heritage. We use a range of local wildflowers and species traditionally harnessed by Indigenous Australians for bushfood, medicine, fibre and tool making.  


We prefer to develop these gardens with the assistance of local school students whilst linking hands-on activities with the Australian curriculum.

The Natural State Nursery 


We have created many gardens using indigenous species to recreate a native bushland setting. These gardens require a more refined planning, design and layout process to be able to choose and present local wildflower species in an aesthetically pleasing manner for your garden.


We enjoy creating unique gardens which encourage butterflies, birds, frogs and insects, whilst also allowing you to experience the seasonal changes in nature. 



Vegetation community gardens to appreciate our natural heritage
Low water use Australian native gardens to provide urban habitat
Private Households


If we are serious about conserving fresh water in Australia, water restrictions are going to be an important management tool in the future. We have experienced first hand severe drought conditions and water restrictions in South Australia. We use hardy Australian Native species, horticultural techniques and specialised materials to increase water use efficiency.


Water Wise gardening offers a practical solution for creating aesthetically pleasing gardens which have the ability to better adapt to a drying climate.

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