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Natural State has over 30 years of combined experience in delivering engaging environmental education programs for school students, disadvantaged youths, community groups, NGO's and the private sector. Since 2002, our programs have engaged with over 10,000 school students in South Australia, Victoria & Tasmania. 


We collaborate with teachers and project managers to tailor a range of program options for your school, class or group needs. We are flexible in our approach and can deliver these sessions both in class, and in the field. We aim to inspire and encourage participants to reconnect with nature, to gain a better understanding of the natural world around us, and to introduce and promote the concept of sustainability.


Our programs align with the Australian Curriculum and can be developed to complement existing resources and classroom learning. We hold current Working with Children Check (WWCC) licences and good character checks.


Our environmental education services include:


  • An introduction to the concept of Sustainability: what it means, how we can get there, and how you can help. We introduce and discuss ecological footprint, ecosystem services, renewable energy and social equity.

  • Bird and bat box making sessions. We encourage students to research local vulnerable bird species and their habitat requirements, then we make boxes together to put up at home, in a reserve or at school.  

  • Assistance with practical hands on conservation projects within your local community or school grounds eg. National Tree Planting Day activities.

  • Environmental Audits for schools. Involving students to measure their school's management of resources and facilities including energy, waste, water, biodiversity, landscape design, products and materials.

  • Guided forest discovery bushwalk along the Leven River. Learn about the tall Eucalypt forests of the Cradle Coast region. Set on our 20 hectare Land for Wildlife covenanted property near North Motton (15Km inland from Ulverstone).

  • Visit our sustainable living demonstration site which features an ‘off grid’ renewable energy system, rainwater harvesting and rammed earth house with solar passive design. We’ll demonstrate how we can all reduce our environmental impact. Set on our 20 hectare Land for Wildlife covenanted property near North Motton (15Km inland from Ulverstone).

  • Guided bushwalks in local reserves to highlight and interpret the area's natural values to students.


  • Learn about local bushfoods. Apart from sampling a range of edible plants, these sessions aim to build respect and an appreciation of indigenous culture and traditional knowledge.


  • Garden design and landscaping to establish gardens which feature local wildflowers, bushfoods, butterfly and bird attracting plants, within schools, community gardens or workplaces.


Please note this is just a sample of what we can offer. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your potential project ideas.



Sustainable Living Program for the Circular Head Christian School
Circular Head Christian School

During 2015, Natural State was engaged by the Circular Head Christian School to develop an action plan to guide and encourage the future delivery of activities and resources related to the Australian Curriculum Cross Curriculum Priority ‘Sustainability’.

Ulverstone Primary School 


During 2014 & 2015, we have delivered hands on, interactive, in-class and in-field, lesson plans for the UPS Culture Club Program of Grade 5/6's. The classroom was filled with samples of local native plant species traditionally used by Indigenous Australians for food, fibre, medicine and tool making. Students gain a tactile appreciation of each species and also taste ancient bushfoods.


We developed an information brochure which helped the students use the kids teaching kids learning model and aided plant recognition whilst in the field.

Highlighting indigenous bushfood plants to students
The Eco Roadshow Program for the South Australian Murray Darling Basin NRM
South Australian Murray Darling Basin NRM


The Eco Roadshow Program was delivered in South Australia through funding provided by the SAMDB NRM. We developed a travelling environmental education program which was taken on the road and shared with the general public. 


Events were held in 3 regional towns along the River Murray; in Berri, Murray Bridge & Goolwa. We presented sessions on the topics of native animals, native plants / habitat, Aboriginal culture / basket weaving and Sustainable Recreation.

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